Cabinetry Overview

Two fundamental design options make up the largest sector of cabinetry we craft – the fully customized Master Series and the customizable Player Series - both individually hand crafted and joined one piece at a time, with a simple elegance that ensures that the natural beauty of the instruments always remain the focal point.

Master Series

At 70.5 h X 51.5 w X 23 inches deep, the straight, clean lines of the Master Series contrast and showcase the classic, stylistic curvature of the instruments it contains. Careful attention is given every detail, whether it be oak or an optional wood selection.

When crafting a Master series cabinet, time is not a factor, particularly when it comes to exploring a unique burl, or selecting awe inspiring veneer to accent door and side panels. What is important to us is not simply the end product, but the wonderful surprises we discover for our customer in the process.

Each Master Series cabinet is composed of two pieces, an upper and lower unit. The upper unit houses the instruments behind two sets of bi fold doors, while the lower unit provides storage space and houses the humidification and optional dehumidification systems and reservoir. When set in place they appear and function as a single unit.

Player Series

Our Player Series, introduced two years ago, rapidly became the choice among serious price conscious musicians and collectors, and for good reason. Just as with our Master Series, Player Series cabinetry is hand crafted from both select solid hard wood and hard wood veneers and share the same innovative climate control system.

Retaining our Mission style, Player Series cabinets are intended to accommodate up to 4 guitars, in a very affordable, reduced footprint, single unit cabinet, with two glass paneled doors.

While sharing the same humidification/dehumidification system and other options as the Master Series, at 70.5 h X 32.5 w X 23 inches deep, becomes the natural choice for limited space.

Climate Control

Unlike other cabinetry on the market, Divine Design cabinetry is designed and crafted around its amazing climate control system, engineered and manufactured in our own shops. We utilize ultrasonic atomization, in combination with a high capacity circulation manifold and fans to facilitate an unbelievably quick response to changes that occur when opening and closing doors - and an extremely low static duty cycle. It is without question the most efficient, responsive system available today.

For those locations that incur extremely high ambient humidity levels, a dehumidification state-of-the-art dehumidification option is available, that utilizes the same rapid response manifold and circulation fans employed for humidification.

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It has oft been said that the "devil's in the details" - nothing could be further from the truth at Divine Design. a careful examination will reveal detail unlike that presently available on the market. Working closely with grain and grain patterns, dove tail hardwood drawers, from tastefully selected accents all the way down to insert doors and drawers, as opposed to the kitchen cabinet variety of most production pieces, virtually every cabinet we craft is loaded with an array of very pleasing surprises.

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The finish applied to our cabinetry is a multi-step process, all completed by hand. First, stain is applied, shading as necessary to achieve both a uniform appearance and to enhance particularly attractive grain features. From there, the four coats of polyurethane is rubbed into the surface of the wood, hand rubbed between each coat. The result is a semi-gloss satin finish that fully illuminates the character and grain of the underlying wood without reducing it to the "plastic" appearance, typical of heavy nitrocelulose.

The stain that we employ comes in a large variety of colors and hues, to both meet customer preference and aid in matching the coloration of existing furniture. And, while we make every effort to match stain colors when requested, the proprietary nature of most commercial manufactures often prevents us from making a direct match. Given that fact, however, even when we're unable to make a direct match, the resulting finish virtually always complements the existing furniture.

Features and Options

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Articulating Bi-Fold Doors
Articulating bi-fold doors, standard on Master cabinetry, provide a more compact overall foot print and may be left open during a session to permit easy access to instruments.
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Ample, Convenient Storage
Whether you elect for hardwood, dovetail drawers (optional) or doored compartment access, generous storage in the lower unit provides plenty of room for large array of instrument accessories.
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Full Figured Baltic Birch Lining
Standard lining in Master cabinetry, Baltic Birch adds a touch of flare without detracting from beauty of the instruments displayed. It is sanded and lightly finished to permit it to effectively buffer the humidity level within the cabinet.
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Riff Sawn Oak
Riff sawn oak, in an array of stain options, is a Master cabinetry standard. Unlike common flat sawn oak, the amount of character available for our craftsmen to work with is limitless, producing gorgeous, often stunning grain variations in the cabinetry.
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African Mahogany
African Mahogany is a wonderful, straight grained option that compliments both cherry and umber colored existing furniture.
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Black Walnut
By and far, the most preferred Master option available is the exquisite Black Walnut that our craftsmen have artfully mastered. The incredible grain variations, crotches and waves provide our craftsmen a limitless pallet from which to craft a truly soul rendering piece.
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Warm Color Lighting
LG puck lights have proven to provide the most uniform and reliable lighting. They are actuated when the doors are opened, or via a rotary switch located at the top of the cabinet. A dimmer option is available.
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Humidification Controller
The humidification controller is located at the bottom of the upper cabinet to provide both simple access for programming and to permit it to be easily viewed from outside. It's continuous readout reports both the relative humidity and its operational status.
Aromatic Red Cedar
Red cedar back and bottom surface lining adds not only a unique flare to the upper unit, but aids in buffering changes in the ambient humidity as well. It's pleasant sent is just another added feature of this option.
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Aromatic White Cedar
Similar in every respect to the red cedar option, white cedar aesthetically provides a more rustic with the same benefits afforded red cedar.
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Premium Quality Hardware
Every Mater cabinet employs no less than six Schaub precision hinges - center pull is from Shaub's Corinthian collection, with door pulls selected from Jeffrey Alexander's Odessa collection.
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Fully Articulating Hangers and Yokes
String Swing yokes and bases combine with hand finished wooden hangers that attach to the upper rail in a way that permits instrument to not only be displayed at any angle, but easily removed by swinging the lower portion out and then disengaging the head at the yoke.
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Customer Defined Features

Virtually all of the options we offer are as a result of well thought out requests by our customers. Consequently, if you don't find a feature or option listed that you're interested in, please bring it to our attention. To be sure we cannot accommodate every request, particularly those that would alter or compromise either the physical or systematic integrity of the cabinetry. But, with that exception, we've generally been able to meet the wishes of our customers.

Talk to Us

We are always available to discuss any ideas you may have regarding our cabinetry. And, by all means, if there is something that you don't see that you would like included in you cabinet, please call or email us. We are more than aware of the value that your ideas and opinion have on the products we offer.