Beauty, Passion and Integrity have become the "New Standard" in cabinetry for those serious about the care and display of finely crafted stringed instruments. Precise hand cut and fitted joinery, soul rendering grain selection, high-end hardware, and a hand-rubbed satin finish - profoundly reflect the passion our craftsmen pour into the cabinetry we build.

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From a functional standpoint, each cabinet incorporates our exclusive Active Climate Controlled humidification system that precisely maintains the humidity envelope that the user sets. Once set, levels remain constant without regard to the surrounding area or how often the doors are opened and closed - and all with an absolute minimum amount of maintenance.

When combined with our unmatched state-of-the-art climate control system, it is easy to understand why we've become the first choice among dedicated musicians and collectors.

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Cabinetry That's Uniquely Yours

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Divine Design Wood Works, LLC, located in Pierre, South Dakota, is a State registered manufacturing company that specializes in the production of heirloom quality, climate controlled display and storage cabinetry. We don't maintain a stock of pre-built cabinets, or even pre cut cabinet parts. Instead, we craft each cabinet from the ground up, hand-selecting, cutting and fitting each piece to meet the wood, and grain preferences of our customer.

Our climate control systems, assembled and installed in-house, are eclipsed only by our commitment to the customers we serve. We invite you to examine our site and then check us out on Face book.

We are without question what customer service is all about.

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Important Changes

Over the last several months, we have gone through a number of changes. Most significant has been an increased volume of customer spec'd cabinetry orders that have resulted in higher costs and less attention to individualized customer service. To offset this trend, we have scaled back production and returned our primary focus to the ultimate quality of each individual piece we craft. Effective immediately, we will no longer accept orders for customer spec'ed cabinetry, returning instead to the fundamental designs and details that are the hallmark of the cabinetry we take pride in crafting. This change will not limit the options available but will reduce the number of seasonal orders we can accept.

GOOD NEWS - by eliminating costs associated with higher production rates and unusual cabinet configurations, we are able to significantly reduce the prices of the cabinetry we offer. This represents a marked savings to our customers, allows us more time to visit and share details of our progress with each customer while refocusing our attention on the ultimate quality of each cabinet we build.

We greatly appreciate the support and following we have enjoyed over the years and feel that these changes are consistant with both our larger spiritual mission, as well as our committment to the community of talented musical artists that we are blessed to serve.

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Oversized Custom to Spec - Auto Water - Knotty Alder - Park City, Utah

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Fully Custom Contemporary Cabinet - Boston, MA

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Office: 125 Norbeck Dr.
Shop: 3511 Airport Rd
Pierre, SD 57501

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Cabinetry That's Uniquely Yours

Your experience with Divine Design Wood Works will be as unique as our cabinetry. From the start, we work carefully with each customer to accurately discover both their needs and preferences. We'll visit about how many and what types of instruments you'd like to house; whether you'd prefer drawers or doored storage; your preferences in wood and finish, as well as consider other furniture that may share the same room to help us better coordinate the stain color to existing furniture. We will visit about interior preferences, whether, for example, you'd like red or white Cedar, or something different.

Finally, before accepting your order, we'll likely send out some samples of the wood you've selected, finished in the stain color you've specified. At that point, assuming all is in order, we'll begin crafting your cabinet, continuing the same level of communication, with updates an pictures, throughout.

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Design Team

Because virtually every cabinet we build is a one-off custom piece, we go to great lengths to address those aspects that are important to you. For that reason, every inquiry we receive is reviewed by our design team, composed of a journey level craftsman and a systems technician, to ensure that the order we propose is not only entirely functional but, upon completion, will meet or exceed your expectations.

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